In the wide world of emigration there are also cases where Italian citizens residing in Italy have inheritance rights and wish to recover their inheritance located in a foreign country.   There are several cases of people who emigrated, especially after 1950, and did very well abroad, and a portion of their assets belongs to their children, brothers and sisters who are still in Italy.   This is the case of individuals who had a second family abroad but had no children, and therefore the Italian children or other rightful Italians heirs will inherit all, or will share with the wife or other children.




When we lose track of relatives in a foreign country, and we are able to claim the right to inherit from those relatives, the Internet is not a sufficient to search for them.


Only through local collaborators and specialized companies it is possible to conduct in-depth searches, and in any case it is imperative to have the basic information to identify the relative who died abroad.




In many countries in Europe and in Latin America, where laws have their origin in Roman Law, the rules regarding adverse possession provide that the Court must always look for heirs, even through diplomatic channels, because the interest of the heirs must be protected and adverse possession may occur only if it is “open and non-violent”.


Through our representatives in various foreign countries, we assist the rightful heirs to obtain or recover their property even in case of attempted adverse possession.




The first thing is always to document as perfectly as possible the successor rights in conformity with the legislation of Italy and of the foreign country.


It is then necessary to know exactly what are the assets and properties and to determine if there are any litigations or pending legal actions, in order to avoid inheriting debts.




In general, they are in the same situation as the Italian Consulates in foreign countries: foreign diplomatic representatives in Italy are not able to provide useful information because they do not possess the expertise in these matters.  In addition, their duty is to assist their own citizens residing in Italy, not the Italian citizens.




We are a group of professionals:  lawyers, notaries public, real estate professionals and public workers who for several years have been assisting ITALIANS looking for RELATIVES IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES, alive or deceased, to search for and recover their right to inherit.


The search is conducted in the appropriate country through our local partners:  Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, United States, South Africa, Australia.  It is always necessary to have precise reference data: Last and first name of all persons involved such as parents, grandparents, uncles, etc.


Date and place of birth: This information is found in old documents and passports.

Addresses and information about the last known place of residence.

Copy of all available documents, by e-mail or fax.

The preliminary phase to confirm the existence of property, assets or right to inherit is FREE OF CHARGE in the countries listed; for other countries, request an estimate.


Send all information with a return address where you may be contacted through the CONTATTI office.