testamentoWhat are the rights of heirs with or without testament?
How to proceed with a succession?
What documents are needed?
When and where are succession taxes paid?
What happens in the case of joint ownership?



Eredita Italiane provides you with a speedy information service on inherited goods, the conditions required for their usage and legal status.
Upon client’s commission, it deals with succession claims also for those who reside abroad so they do not need to travel to Italy.
It may also take care of  the relationship with other co-owners and the sale of assets.





 To make it possible to act in Italy in the name and interest of someone residing in a foreign country, in order to conduct a search and protect the succession and inheritance rights, it is always necessary to have a general power of attorney.  This can be obtained in the foreign country from a local notary public; in the case of countries party to the Le Hague Convention of 1961, the power of attorney will be accompanied by an apostille and translated by an official translator, while for countries that are not party to the Convention it is necessary to have the documents legalized by the Consulate.  In addition, Italian citizens may conveniently obtain the power of attorney directly in Italian from the notary office of the Consulates in the foreign countries.


Each legal action  must be supported by documentation demonstrating the right of succession.  This may be a will in the Italian language (or translated), or it may be necessary to prove the degree of relationship with the birth and death certificates of the various parties involved in the proceedings.  All in the Italian language and translated legally.




An Italian citizen holding a title to an inheritance in a foreign country must grant a power of attorney to his representative.  In most cases, the representative must be a citizen or stable resident of the foreign country.  The documentation supporting the successor rights must conform to local laws e must be in the language of the country in which the rights are being claimed.


The network of collaborators of the portal consists of attorneys, notaries public, real estate professionals, public workers and marketing operators.


The preliminary legal and real estate consultation services to confirm the existence and the legal status of the inheritance are free of charge.


The activities concerning the recovery of the inheritance take place upon release of a special power of attorney.  Normally, the cost of the service is 20% of the net amount recovered.


We provide a specialized service for the preparation of assignments and powers of attorney in accordance with the various national laws.


Consultation and assistance service to bring into Italy the capital obtained from the sale of inherited assets in a foreign country, or to send to a foreign country the proceeds from the sale of inherited assets in Italy.